Energy Buying Simplified

The leading business energy procurement platform

Technology that puts you in control of your energy



Our award winning automated energy procurement platform allows large energy users to trade directly with all UK energy suppliers.

  • Fixed & Flexible Contracts
  • Full public sector OJEU compliance
  • Tender your supplies to the market in 10 seconds
  • Compare live, competitive bids from suppliers



Track your future energy spend up to three years ahead with our industry leading forecasting tool.

  • Fully delivered energy prices every day specific to your portfolio
  • Accurate budgeting up to three years in advance
  • Automated email reporting
  • Automated buying trigger points




Web based energy reporting, removing the need for complex spreadsheets, saving you time.

  • Clear & Transparent reporting
  • Instant usage based reporting by site or portfolio
  • Bill validation and invoice analysis
  • Portfolio, site and meter analysis
  • Market updates and historical analysis

How do you want to buy your energy?

Choose between our three main options:

Fixed Buying

Do you want to fix your contracts and benefit from complete budget certainty? Use the most competitive reverse auction process in the market to drive down costs.

First Flex Buying

Do you want to spread your risk but maintain simplicity and budget protection? Use our unique product designed for first time flexible buyers and businesses leaving baskets.

Full Flex Buying

Do you want a completely bespoke purchasing strategy that gives you full control? Use our powerful flex platform designed for seasoned energy buyers that can accommodate the most advanced market requirements.

Try our Energy Buying Platform

Our platform automates the energy procurement process putting you in control of your energy

SME Energy Buying

As the energy markets become more volatile and increasingly complex, more than ever, SME’s now require our professional energy services.  As established professionals within the industry we have extensive experience helping SME’s meticulously analyse their energy needs, matching them with the right solution to fit within their organisation. Our vision is to lead the market by raising the bar in quality standards, providing a level of service that is unmatched within the industry.

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